Valuable Articles

Protect your special items and collections with the proper insurance coverage.

You’ve worked hard to collect articles of value, and they all have memories attached to them. Did you know that coverage for heirloom jewelry, fine art, cars, or other valued collectibles is strictly limited under standard homeowners policies? Did you also know that how they are stored, used (whether frequently or not), or moved can also have an impact?

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Some of our favorite collections that we’ve helped people cover are:

  • Art (Masterpiece, Antique or Contemporary)
  • Jewelry
  • China, Crystal, and Silver
  • Antique Furniture
  • Wines
  • Sports Cards and Memorabilia
  • Cars (Antique and High-end Collectibles)
  • Stamps and Currency
  • Comics
  • Historic Documents
  • Collectible Trains
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